AM Moon — A Color Interpretation

Moon in Sunrise Fog, Palo Alto, 2017

Presented above is a second edit of “Moon in Clouds, Early Morning”.   

The original photo that was imported into Lr Mobile, was in the synchronized folder on my MacBook Pro. Today, I processed a color version, converting the original color photo to a bi-color version using Color Efex Pro 4. I also used the LR Develop module to quickly remove some power lines, and then exported the file to the Mac desktop after adding my logo and resizing to 1,200px.

I re-imported the desktop photo into LR and added it to my Lr Mobil synchronized collection, which downloaded automatically to my iPhone. As an aside, I edited the synchronized LrMobile photo, replacing  the original in the Lr Mobil catalog. You might not want that result.

After this test, I had a camera roll with the original photo taken by the camera, and, in my Lr Mobil Catalog are two photos: COx-Moon2-IMG_3883.jpb (807kb with logo) and IMG_3883.jpg (edited 1.3mb w/o logo).

Somewhat convoluted workflow, but it seems to work. The Adobe engineers deserve a lot of credit for making this possible. I’m getting to like this product.

Cheers, Carto


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