Looking South — With an iPhone 7+ and Lr Mobil

Spring Flowers and Dry Grass, Looking South toward Skyline Amphitheater , 2017

Presented above is an iPhone 7plus image taken in full mid-day sun from the Palo Alto Baylands (looking South toward Skyline Amphitheater and Mt. Umunhum). The original photo was imported into Lr Mobile from the Camera Roll and synchronized to Lr on my MacBook Air desktop. The photo was cropped, straightened, and toned in the basic panel and some spots removed and, finally, spring flowers were blended into the lower left corner to make the final composite. The image was exported to the desktop and then uploaded to this blog.

Lr Mobil is an efficient way to quickly process photos from the iPhone. In a previous blog I used the Lr Mix and Lr Fix to process on the phone, and, in this test, I processed on the desktop. The two workflows seem equivalent for low-resolution photos for the www. Either workflow will produce good resolution, square-cropped images for my Instagram feed, here.

While doing this test, I noticed that my other desktop ( a MacBook Pro) was synchronized to a copy of the same Lr Catalog as my MacBook Air — the iPhone photos upload to both desktops (Is that a side effect, Adobe?). The edits on the MacBook Air did not synchronize to the MacBook desktops. I created a synchronized collection with the edited, virtual copies of the originals, which downloaded to the iPhone.

The gallery above shows the original iPhone image, the virtual copy toned and adjusted in Lr and Photoshop CC, and a square cropped version suitable for Instagram. The latter image has Spring flowers blended into the lower left corner using PS CC. Click on the gallery to enlarge the photos.

Cheers, Carto

Note: U2 played at the Shoreline Amphitheater last night, and

It’s official — The Grateful Dead & Company with John Mayer are on their Summer Tour and play concerts across the United States.  June 3 & 4 at Shoreline.
— Dead & Company


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