Season’s End — Flowers & Seed Pods, Baylands, 2017

Flowers and Seed Pods with Bench, Composite, Baylands, 2017

We’re having our first heat wave, the grass is turning golden, and the Spring flowers are going to seed. This photo above is a composite image that began life in my iPhone7plus as a close-up of flowers and seed pods. The second shot was an “atmosphere” shot of a bench, yellow flowers and dry grass.  I thought to combine the photos into a more complex image that meant to me “going to seed—the end of Spring.”

The composite image was created with Lr Mobil, Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. The images were loading into Lr Mobil on the iPhone, which uploaded them to the Creative Cloud and synchronized them with the  Lr catalog on my MacBook Pro.

The images put into a collection, and opened as layers in Photoshop CC: The close up of flowers and seed pods  was the background and the image of the bench was Layer 1. The blending mod of Layer 1 was set to Overlay.

In Photoshop CC, the flowers and seed pods of the background were selected and a new layer created with the selection as mask. The new layer was moved to the top of the layer stack and the blend mode set to overlay.

The composite image was toned, and the layers merged. The merged layer was duplicated, and the Find Edges filter applied. The blending mode on the new layer was set to the Overlay mode.

The result of this exercise was the image at the top of this post. Click on any image to get a higher resolution view.

Cheers, Carto


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