Moving Day — Cantor Art Center

Moving Day, Serra’s Sequence, Cantor Art Center, Stanford, 2016

This photo was taken at the Cantor Art Center while watching engineers disassemble Richard Serra’s huge steel sculpture Sequence. I was standing on the second floor terrace: Cranes were in action, helicopters were flying, and the welders were at work — what a sight.

This photo will serve as the first header image for this blog. The Echo Theme recommends a header size of 1440 × 600 pixels, so the photo needed to be cropped to that size.

The workflow was as follows:

  1. Open Adobe Lightroom (LR CC, 2015)
  2. Select the header photo,
    (nrw is Nikon’s raw format)
  3. Edit tones in the LR basic panel
  4. Open image in Photoshop CC
  5. Camera Raw workflow: 8000 x 3000 @160 ppi
  6. Save image as CartosOx20150126-DSCN1021.jpg
  7. Crop to 1440 x 600 @ 72 ppi).
  8. Save As jpg (20150126-DSCN1021-HDR1440.jpg)

Both images were uploaded to my blog media folder, and published.

Cheers, Carto

Getting Started — Carto’s Ox

Oxen skidding redwood logs, historical photo, Redwood City, CA

A word about Oxen: they were used to haul supplies during the Gold Rush in California, and also played a role in the lumber industry that cut down most of California’s original growth redwoods to build Gold Rush San Francisco.

This site is named after the Ox.

As a representative of the bovine family, the Brahma is an Ox that is common in the western United States and South America. It was originally bred from cattle imported from India, and is important today in the meat processing industry.

A photo of a Brahma, cropped to 260 x 260 pixels, as the logo for this site.

Brahma, wikipedia

WordPress makes it easy for registered bloggers to start a new blog. I am registered with WordPress as Carto’s Library, which is my primary blog. I have a secondary blog called Carto’s Logbook.

When I launch, I see a site with two tabs — Reader and My Sites. Reader displays posts from blogger that I follow; My Sites provides a list of my blogs, and at the bottom of the list is a link labeled Add New Site. Click the link to open a dialog that will create a new site on your WordPress account.

The new site dialog will ask for a domain name, a style, and a logo image. I chose Carto’s Ox,, which is a free domain, Echo, a free style good for display of photos, and I uploaded an image of a Brahma (from wikipedia) for the site logo.

That’s about it.

Cheers, Carto

My main blog is Carto’s Library, a blog about books.
I also blog at Carto’s Logbook, which is mostly photos.
Carto’s Logbook is echoed on Tumbler as Cartoslogbook.

Note: If you launch wordpress dot com, you will, of course, see a different page than I!